The AMDC Team

The multidisciplinary AMDC team includes staff with a wide variety of expertise. The team includes physician specialists, nurse clinicians, dietitians as well as a psychologist, social worker and genetic counsellor.

The AMDC physicians are from diverse specialties including endocrinology, neurology, medical biochemistry, medical genetics and biochemical genetics and all of the physicians have particular interest and training in the field of inborn errors of metabolism.

The AMDC nurses provide clinical support to metabolic patients through clinical assessment and monitoring, patient education, organization of available services close-to-home, liaising with health care providers in community and acute care settings, community referrals and advocacy.

The AMDC dietitians provide clinic support to patients whose metabolic condition requires nutrition intervention, including diet education and assessment of metabolic and nutritional status with individualized care planning. Patients who need counseling for more common disorders (such as diabetes, heart health or weight loss) will be referred by the metabolic team to community nutrition resources based on diagnosis and/or current health status and symptoms.

The AMDC social worker provides patient advocacy and support services to individuals at the AMDC to identify and address financial, social and emotional concerns that are barriers to optimum metabolic control and quality of life.

The AMDC Genetic Counselor provides information and support to individuals and families affected by or at risk for genetic metabolic disorders through organization of genetic testing, patient and family education and detailed review of test results.

The AMDC Psychologist provides clinical, health behaviour and neuropsychological services to individuals at the AMDC to determine individual strengths and barriers to metabolic condition management through targeted assessment, direct psychological intervention, community referral and advocacy.
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